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Resolve Suite Generates Real Estate Leads At Pennies On The Dollar

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591 Huntington Pkwy.
Nashville, TN

Tax Appraised

Paid: $12,000

1710 N. Mt Juliet Rd.
Mount Juliet, TN

Tax Appraised

Paid: $600k

437 3rd Street
Lawrenceburg, TN

Tax Appraised

Paid: $4,500

802 S. Water St.
Columbia, TN

Tax Appraised $23,800

Paid: $500

33 Oak St.
Sparta, TN

Tax Appraised:

Paid: $7,500

The Power Behind Resolve Suite.
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Scott Lumley is Interviewed by Coach Burt 

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The most advanced Real Estate platform in the world.

Resolve Suite makes Real Estate investing incredibly simple!

Our phenomenal cloud-based software is a lead generating system allowing you to invest at pennies on the dollar!  

Resolve Suite gives you the freedom to streamline your Real Estate purchasing with our all-in-one Investing and Managing tools.

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Build Wealth While Helping Others

This is a simplified yet sophisticated Real Estate Purchasing Software that empowers you to grow your financial portfolio while gaining immediate equity! One of the rewards is that you get to help people in hardship. Many times Resolve Suite is their last call for hope.

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Our clients are blown away by the extraordinary tools we provide them with. We facilitate our clients to meet successful Real Estate portfolio growth with a few simple clicks of a button, and from the comfort of their own home. All this at pennies on the dollar!
Simple & User Friendly

With Resolve Suite, we’ve made this process extremely simple, and covered every base to equip you with the exact tools you need to invest and manage your Real Estate portfolio successfully and with confidence.

What We Do

Real Estate

Purchase Residential and Commercial Properties at unbelievable prices! With a click, get a full scope of a property. Don't waste precious time researching. Let Resolve Suite do the heavy lifting.


Cloud-Based Access 24/7/365. Your account is populated with properties in your region every month. With a click, get a full scope of a property. Mortgage data at a glance. Easily identify assets with mortgages. Create purchase contracts, Lease Agreements and more. In-Depth Property & Person Analysis


Legal Counsel at Your Fingertips. Create purchase contracts, Lease Agreements and more. Research court documents with our easy search tools.


Our friendly and experienced team will help you with your property questions including what steps to take next. Locate people of interest in one-click. Enterprise Tenant Management Solutions

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