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My Experience With Resolve Suite By Theresa Klingenberg

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My Experience With Resolve Suite By Theresa Klingenberg

So much has happened it’s hard to even convey the extent of what I’ve learned and gained from this whole experience; from friends and wonderful mentors to properties. 

Then came Resolve Suite At first, I was a little skeptical. I would say it on the border of on paranoia. I’m the kind of person who wants to know everything and how everything works. I want to learn what’s in it for you and me and why kinda deal.

Yes, it makes a whole lot more sense when you talk to the person in charge. I was afraid because I didn’t understand much outside of the basics, but the more I learned, the more secure I felt and more passionate I felt for it all. And yes, I do fact check everything on google for all my skeptical friends. You can, too. 

It’s crazy how simple yet how convenient the app and strategies are. 

Personally, I think Resolve Suite is by far one of the most efficient and fastest programs I’ve seen around, especially when you’re investing all around the world or even just starting as a beginner. 

I was familiar with the strategies that Scott Lumley, the founder of Resolve Suite had taken and integrated in his real estate investment, and I’ve learned a handful of more strategies as I’ve come along.

Yes, you can do it yourself the old fashion way but the thing is, imagine 80% of the steps that you’ll take are already done for you, and all you have to do is call people. That’s where Resolve Suite comes into action.

Before you think , “well, you have the experience… or you have to have the experience to talk to people..” No. No you don’t. I didn’t. I’m really introverted and a saturated ball of anxiety. I am one of the most socially inept people you could possibly know. I’m the nerd in the corner at the back of the classroom who keeps to myself and it’s a miracle I’ve even held a conversation up for more than two minutes but I’m learning. 

The thing is, if you’re like me and you like the comfort of someone helping you so you don’t mess up… You’ll have the support from the professionals as long as you reach out to them at Resolve Suite.

It is not that you’re a toddler, and they’re your babysitters. Think of it as if you’re a student, and you’re just asking questions to your teacher. If you’re stuck on anything, do yourself a favor and just ask!

Just like a true mentor, they do things one-on-one, or even in groups if you prefer that… if you wanted, you could fly out to them at their home, like I did, and they will help you. They are welcoming and will work with you one-on-one if you’d like. 

And if you’re skeptical (like me), of something… really, just ask questions. Ask, and do your research, and grow from it. 

The people who’ve done this for years, guiding you are already here. You paid for their support, they will teach you everything, and if you’re like me, security is everything.

On Saturday, we started doing calls in the morning at 9 a.m. We kept calling and even though I fumbled my words. Cole Lumley helped guide us through it all. We ended up with 2 more properties that day! We worked till 8 p.m. that night.

If you’re stuck, and don’t know what to do Cole and the team will be there walking you through the steps. Sometimes, you will forget just how young he is because of how much knowledge he has. This is a 21 year old man who triumphs over most 40 year old entrepreneurs. Credit to the mentoring by his father Scott Lumley.

It is crazy how this app works. Yes, you can do it yourself manually… from going to courthouses, getting different addresses, and re-updating your lists and paying fees… But that limits your resources if you don’t have the cash to expend for buying listings all over the states only for them to expire in a short amount of time and redo it again.

Meanwhile with Resolve Suite that’s already done for you in the program. From Tennessee, to Mississippi, to Texas and all other locations of multiple properties. It would take so much time for you to be doing it yourself!

It feels like Resolve Suite is a real life cheat code, or something thereabouts because it just feels so surreal. It’s incredible to see how it works, and it’s amazing for people who want to grow their income and real estate portfolio. The more you understand the more you’ll grow. You don’t need any experience to get started.

With Scott, Cole and everyone supporting you , it’s really hard to fail unless you just don’t do it. 
Which you shouldn’t even be doing it if that’s the case. They’re wonderful people, and we started for a one day workshop which turned into a four day training and we gained so much traction!

You get to sit down with Scott as who he genuinely is and you see a wonderful person with a great sense of humor! We had dinner and it was nice to see him off of camera. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how well we were going to mesh together. In the back of my head I was thinking, “Oh God. He’s so extroverted from all those Facebook videos.” I was thinking, “How do I even talk to him?” I genuinely thought I was gonna make a fool out of myself by just talking to people, and I was just going to fail. You have to understand and see that they’re just like you and me.

They’re problem solvers with a good heart, and they have the experience and expertise to guide you. You can see it for yourself!

I feel like I made a smart move coming out of state and being surrounded by everyone. I’m learning so much and highly encourage my friends to do the same.

So, to my friends and others who’ve been watching, or wondering about Resolve Suite… who want to do real estate investing or are already doing it and want to save some money and time… Really, this is for you if you’re willing to be open minded and learn. 

I’m so grateful for this opportunity, I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Article By Theresa Klingenberg

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