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How becoming broke was the best thing that happened to me

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By Scott Lumley

You may already know my story

10 years ago I was bankrupt and down right broke. 

Heck it was a time of hell. 

I was making $1,000,000 72 months straight.

I lost it all.

I almost gave up but the fight within kept me going.

I had to rebuild from nothing.

Down and out with only $3,700 to my name, I had a chance to make something of my life again.

Life gave me many second chance, and it was in real estate from a tax sale.

I came across two elderly war veterans who lost their home. 

I couldn’t bare to see them crying. They had no where to live. 

I just wanted to help them.

Even though I had no money to give… I had to help them.

So I paid for their outstanding tax debt on their home of $3400. 

They insisted I take the title of their home because they couldn’t afford to pay their taxes, nor maintain the home.

It was their wish to live out the rest of their lives in their home. 

How could I say no….

So that’s what we did. 

I maintained their home and they lived out the rest of their lives in the home. 

At the time, I found out from the county and clerks office that this happened multiple times a day… and for tax amounts of less than $200.

It was a sad situation and I knew I just had to help.

So Resolve Suite was born. 🙏🏼

For years I did this the hard and long way. 

It took me 8 years to develop this badass software.

Today along with our members we are changing lives all round.

Resolve Suite memberships are closed until September…. however we have a small window for a few new members NOW who are genuinely wanting to start now.

Apply here now www.resolvesuite.com

Watch the full video of the Resolve Suite story here : https://youtu.be/AAQPwZeZXWg

Scott Lumley – Learn more here

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meryem Arpaci

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