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The Art To Entrepreneurship and Networking

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By Scott Lumley

When I began my journey to entrepreneurship, I didn’t have mentors or a large support system. I made mistakes and learned from those mistakes to create my successful methods. Because of this, part of my goal as an entrepreneur and businessman is to help fellow entrepreneurs succeed through guidance and resources.

Keys to Networking

When you’re in business completely alone, you’re bound to make mistakes. There are always challenges around every corner, but being connected with the right people can make the process run a bit more smoothly. Furthermore, a strong professional network can be an asset in achieving your overall business goals. 

“It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” isn’t just a corny saying. It is a legitimate truth in business. When you have a great foundation of connections, you have direct contact to influential people who can serve as assets for various business aspects, from sharing business knowledge to expanding your business reach and opportunities. 

They key is to find a good balance of give and take in networking. You can’t expect to receive benefits of connecting with your network without first offering your value to others’ challenges. When you prove that you can bring something to the table, you’ll be more likely to cultivate valuable, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Successful networking isn’t just having a large network on LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s all about maintaining a relationship with your connections after you’ve built a strong network of people. Don’t just give updates on yourself. Pay attention to your professional contacts and their successes/failures. Congratulate them when things are going well and offer advice or support when appropriate.

The Inner Circle

Because I know how important a good network is, I created my Inner Circle for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business. I offer one-on-one mentoring, business consulting, access to my A-Team, strategic business planning, access to legal counsel, networking opportunities with elite business people, and more. All these exclusive benefits are there to help you make your dreams a reality.

However, the Inner Circle is an exclusive group that is only open to qualified entrepreneurs who have been vetted by their peers in the Scott Lumley Inner Circle. For a $25,000 investment per year, serious investors have the privilege to grow their business exponentially. 

We offer an educational 2-day weekend where Inner Circle members learn about my revolutionary software, philosophy, portfolio and much more. 

If you’re interested in learning more about my Inner Circle, visit my website and contact us! Or follow me on social media to start a conversation.

Scott Lumley – Learn More Here

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